Who Qualifies? | MGA Tour

Who Qualifies?

To earn a chance to compete in the MGAWC, you must first be deemed eligible and then you must earn a qualified spot.


  • Must have an active MGA membership
  • Must have competed in at least 5 career tournaments
  • Must have competed in at least 3 tournaments during the current season

How to qualify for the MGAWC:

All eligible players may enter the event, but only qualified players will be competing for the title.

  • Win a regular-season tournament.
  • Finish top 10 on any Chapter Money List.
  • Have won the MGAWC or Global Money List within the last 5 years.

But wait, there's more:

If a player is eligible but not qualified, they must fight it out with all the other less-than-qualified players who show up to Vegas in the LOIQ. That's the Last Opportunity In Qualification.

This mini-tournament takes place during round 1 of the MGAWC. At the end of round 1, the top half of the LOIQ field qualifies for the WC and their LOIQ score counts as their round 1 score.

The bottom half of the field is out of the MGAWC, but still comes back to play some golf for fun during round 2. Because golfing while super-hungover is fun right?!

Don't go thinking the LOIQ is a death sentence though. We've had mulitiple World Champs come through the LOIQ to win The Belt!

John James and Dave Armstrong won The Belt in 2010 and 2011 respectively.